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From a "pearl" petals opens up, just like from a secular family passion a Champagne blooms.

Marguerite Guyot bases its roots in the Damery's vines, land of ancient champenoise tradition. An original range of Cuvee, characterized by a refined and elegant personality, reflected in a creative design

Inspired by the harmony of the nature, and the woman's sensuality, like in the poetic vision of Alphonse Mucha in his Art Nouveau.

Marguerite Guyot's signature, thanks to its unique and innovative style, merges for the first time, Mozart's estrus and Miro's instinct. The ornament is articulated in a floral ring where the circle, universal symbol, evokes both the pearl and the bubble.

A symphony of sensations, fusing in a unique Champagne, for a journey through various cultures and world colors, in an atmosphere of cheerfulness and conviviality.